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New & Factory Sealed Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Space Gray Verizon Unlocked

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End Time: 2017-08-14T04:18:43.000Z
Time Left: PT0S
Location: Ozona, Texas
Memory Card Type: Built-In Memory
Brand: Apple
Processor: Dual Core
Network: Verizon
Storage Capacity: 16GB
Screen Size: 5.5"
Style: Bar
Camera Resolution: 8.0MP
Lock Status: Network Locked
Color: Gray
Model: iPhone 6 Plus
Bid Count: 0
Price: 377.0 USD
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Brand New & Still Factory Sealed Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB in Space Gray, Verizon Unlocked!  Model MGCM2LL/A

Please visit  WillMyPhoneWork Website in order to see if your carrier and your country work with this Phone & Verizon Unlocked.  This link provide all the information for you, we will not reply to messages asking for personal tailored replies because these phones sell out fast!  BUYER IS RESPONSBILE FOR COMPATIBILITY AND COVERAGE.




Pictures are 100% accurate to what is for sell- and on Clearance for the only one in stock, take advantage before someone else does!



Read the questions & answers before messaging us about compatibility with your carrier.  These sell out so fast, we do not have time to reply to messages because we are shipping them out as quickly as possible!


BEWARE OF OTHER SELLERS WHO STEAL OUR IMAGES AND FALSELY REPRESENT THEIR ITEMS.  We take our images to a professional level with clarity and accurate representation.  We report all other eBay sellers who steal our images; it is unethical and also against eBay’s Image and Text Theft of Claimed Infringement Policy.  Ask yourself if you want to purchase items from a seller who steal other seller’s photos?  Buy from a Business with positive history, one who uses their own images of the item you purchased.

Best Deal Anywhere & FREE Priority Shipping so you can begin enjoying this powerful phone in just a few days.  The only eBay seller to give you the most accurate photos, newest conditions right to your door, and with positive feedback of professional cameras, computers, and various professional grade electronics.


ATTENTION: There is a 3 day processing time on this item to prevent fraudulent orders.



-We do not offer any refunds/returns on any device that is purchased to be "Flashed" or "Unlocked".  That is the sole risk of the buyer.  Our refund policy is strict- we will only offer returns/refunds on items returned in the same FACTORY NEW & FACTORY SEALED Condition.

-We do not unlock any phones.

-If return shipment is to be reimbursed, it will only be on situations where the item defective.  Otherwise, all return shipping is paid for by the buyer.

-We do NOT REPLACE items.
-Each phone sold is in our system record with IMEI, SW-VER, SIM SKU, ICC ID Numbers, and an extra 35-Point Device Identity Check.
  Any return will go through this system & 35-Point Check to be verified.  We do this to protect the clients as well as our inventory.  If buyer returns product as “defective” and phone is fully functional or not the same phone sold, this is considered falsely returning an item and/or its condition (also known as FRAUD)- the buyer will be reported to eBay.

-FURTHERMORE- We are not representing any network, we simply sell these phones.  Yes, they are all clean and ready to use with their respective service.  If they are typically needed to be scanned at in order to be “Activated”, we guarantee they are 100% clean and ready to use.  We do NOT set up the any account(s)- the buyer would need to go to a store representing the network and ask them to set that up, or do it online, or over the phone.   Any other type of service aside from the description is not under our 30-Day Refund Policy.  We will NOT refund or accept returns on any purchases made for these phones which are "flashed" or "unlocked" or attempted to activate on any other services.  Again, we only accept returns of phones that are still in Factory New & Sealed condition, and 20% restocking fees will be applied in all cases, including an “Accidental” Purchase.

-We will NOT change the shipping address after payment, and we do NOT ship any item we sell without Adult Direct Signature.  If buyer gives an address where the authorized adult is not available to sign, and the item is sent back due to undeliverable destination- we will only refund 70% of the purchase price as this now falls under restocking inventory, and we will not re-ship the item to the same address.  Any future orders on that address/account will automatically get cancelled.  If an item is waiting at FedEx, USPS, or UPS facility for pickup, it is considered DELIVERED.  They will hold onto the merchandise until the AUTHORIZED adult SIGNS for the package.  If buyer goes to facility and they “do not have it”, the buyer must open a case with the respected shipper, that is something out of our reach, and the responsibility of the buyer.  If the respected shipper refuses to hand over merchandise unless the authorized individual is present, that is THEIR policy, and this keeps delivery that much safer.  Please respect that level of security.  We sell high ticket items, and therefore they have that extra level of security for a reason- for no one to pick up merchandise except the authorized buyer.

- Defective items MUST be brought to our attention within 24 Hours of Official Delivery Time. Any defective item cases opened after 24 hours, for example 7 days after delivery, is considered 6 entire days where the item is considered USED.  If an item is purchased, and buyer states it was a “gift” for someone, then the other person installed software, and “turns out defective”- that is 6 days considered used, plus a 3rd party that we are not responsible for.  We will not refund/return items on these claims.  BUYER AGREES TO ITEM BEING “USED” AFTER 24 HOURS OF DELIVERY UNLESS IT IS STILL FACTORY SEALED, OTHERWISE, ANY OPEN ITEM IS CONSIDERED USED.

-Any “updates” or “software” which is installed AFTER initial installed software is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY and RISK of the buyer.  We are not responsible for any “software” or “updates” that cause problems on any digital item.  We cannot force a buyer on their choices to install software, so we are not responsible for any consequences or damage the item receives from the choices of the buyer.  THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.



Can this device be unlocked?

As stated in item description, this item is already unlocked.  With that out of the way, this device is considered Unlocked by VERIZON themselves, and for respective services around the world (please visit the link in the top of this page).  ALTHOUGH this device is unlocked, we will NOT guarantee this phone to work outside the United States.  CALL VERIZON and double check with your area/carrier/service- we will NOT do this service for you.


Why don't you warrant any other services outside of the United States Capability? 

Because previous customers think an "Unlocked" device means it works on every single network and every single area in the world.  THIS IS NOT TRUE- Each unlocked device is only unlocked according to their CARRIER'S DECISIONS & BANDS around the world.  In other words, if you have questions about this devices ability to work on your carrier, band, country, etc. visit the link provided as those have the REAL ANSWERS, call VERIZON if you would like and ask them questions.  Customers who purchase this device thinking it will work on any carrier anywhere in the world are simply not looking into the facts, and can cause a headache-filled return process.  ONLY PURCHASE IF YOU KNOW THIS PHONE WORKS WITH YOUR CARRIER, LOCATION, AND ON THE WEBSITE PROVIDED.  


I hear this is the same as buying the device outright, meaning it is unlocked- is this phone unlocked?

This is the same as buying the phone outright, but instead of $450-750+ MSRP, you get a much better deal with us.  Although purchasing a phone outright means it is “unlocked” and VERIZON themselves admit this device is also Unlocked, we are only advertising this device as US locations Unlocked to prevent buyers who want to risk their money on a device to try and use on other services outside the United States.  If buyer purchases for other services, that is their sole responsibility- once factory seals are removed, NO REFUNDS.


What if I try to use this phone in a different country, get denied, and then the phone gets locked/bricked?

Phones sent out of the country instantly become as-is purchases. No refunds.  


What if I buy, ship to a US Address, then send off to another country and this phone does not work?
Despite a US Address, the device is still out of the country, and therefore no refunds.  Using a US Address to ship off items is the equivalent of a foreign address.


Does this come with manufacturer warranty?

Since these phones are clean, new, and not registered under a person’s name until you register it for a warranty- Yes, they do come with manufacturer warranty.  There is a limitation- If APPLE or VERIZON does not take eBay as a source for their products, they could deny the warranty because they only support authorized retailers.  We are not authorized retailers, we simply sell these phones.  What we do know, though, is that we have been selling phones for years from various companies, and when a customer registers their phone, they have a 100% success rate to gain manufacturer warranty because it is clean, new, and fully legit, authentic, etc.


Do you give refunds on phones that don’t work outside of the US?

No.  We sell these phones in the US for US services only.  Anything outside the US is buyer’s risk, once phone is sent out of the United States, there is absolutely no refunds.